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  • How to Move Your Vehicle

    There’s a lot of advice out there on how to pack up and transport belongings from the house but what about your car? There are three main options for moving a vehicle: Drive it yourself The most common way to move a vehicle is to simply drive it yourself, either in coordination with your moving truck or separately, after making arrangements to meet up at the final destination. [...]

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    How to Spot a Bad Land Lord Before Moving?

    Dealing with an unprofessional landlord can ruin more than just a day or a week, finding out you’ve got a dud after you’ve signed a new lease can make for a year or more of housing misery. Avoid a worst-case scenerio before it happens by learning to spot that bad landlord before you move in and commit. [...]

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    Moving During the Fall Season

    Moving out can be a stressful experience. It’s a lot of work and some just don’t have the friends or the body to do all the heavy lifting. Since moving can take a lot of work, many opt to hire professional movers, like Moving Central, and it’s for a good reason. [...]