About Us

Our Quality and Trust

As a 10-year-old company, Olympia Moving & Storage has been a favorite go-to company for people from all walks of life. From corporate owners to single parents, Olympia has helped countless individuals, families, and companies to relocate. Because we have pricing to fit most budgets, impeccable service, and care about our clients, we’ve become a favorite for many of our customers and continue to strive for the utmost quality of service.

Our Goals and Who We Are

Our mission is to provide highly cost-effective moving services, where you pay for value and we provide a less expensive way of getting such value. Our company is family-owned, so we pride ourselves on understanding the weight of having a budget of time as well as money, and how much it means to be able to stick to those budgets. We also understand that the moving process is highly stressful, and we strive to make it more comfortable for individuals, families, and companies alike.

Founded in 2002 by an ambitious entrepreneur, Olympia Moving & Storage is one of the top moving companies in the Chicago area. Our storage facility located in Skokie, IL gives us a distinct edge over the competition, not to mention our various other storage options that allow us to accommodate all of your storage needs. We’re also set apart by our price guarantee, which serves to give our customers comfort and reassurance that we care about how well we do without overcharging.

We hope that you join our family of satisfied customers the next time you need to move. We can provide every service you could possibly need, have efficient tools such as hydraulic lifts and other professional lifting and moving experts and tools, and we take great care in packaging and safeguarding your most precious belongings. We hope you’ll call for a quote and allow us to assist you in your move!