Frequently Asked Questions

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Payment will be due upon the completion of move and you can make that payment in the form of cash, Visa, Master Card or Money Order. The only types of payments we do not accept are American Express or personal checks.

The truck/travel fee is a flat rate and covers all the expenses for the truck for the day which includes gas, tax, tolls, mileage, insurance, moving blankets and pads to wrap your furniture, tools and equipment. And the cost depends on the location of your pick up and drop off locations.

To be placed on our schedule we ask for at least 3 or 4 weeks’ notice so we have plenty of time to plan and organize a truck and crew best fitted to your needs. A deposit is not required. All we need is the pickup and delivery address for the move. Then we send you a confirmation email to complete. Our dispatcher will contact you 24hours before you are scheduled to confirm everything with you.

All of our movers are full time workers and been working with us for the past 5 years. They are the best in the industry and are very good at what they do. At least that’s what our past customers have been telling us.

Olympia and the company’s sales representatives believe In one thing over all else. Honesty. We are always upfront with all costs and we do not believe in giving “low-ball estimates.” We only give pleasant surprises when it comes to your final balance of your move. There are only 3 charges that are applied to your balance; the hourly rate, the onetime cost of the truck, and any packing materials that you may need from us. Other special request services such as moving a piano, holding items on a truck overnight, keeping things in our storage facility, or performing a short musical may have additional costs. Feel free to contact us to go into more details of these prices.

Because we have to follow legal regulations and insurance precautions the customer cannot help our movers loading or unloading the truck.

Yes. Once you are on the schedule with us and your building requires a certificate of insurance (COI) we ask that your building manager forwards us a copy of the requirements needed. Then we will contact our insurance company have it sent to immediately.

As any professional moving company, the timing for you move starts when the movers arrive at your location and start working. The time ends when the movers finish. Easy peazy.

We understand that moving to a new home can be one of the more stressful things anyone has to do. Olympia is here to make your move go smoothly with our expertise and experience. There are something’s that can help make the move more cost efficient and less time consuming that can only be accomplished by the customer. Being fully packed and ready to go will insure an easy going move. All boxes should be packed and taped closed. We provide moving pads and blankets to pack your wooden furniture. Some things will need additional packing before we can place them on the truck. Anything that is fragile such as glass table tops, mirrors, or glass doors on cabinets need bubble wrap. Fabric furniture like mattresses or sofas would need plastic or shrink wrap to protect from rips. We do have packing materials available the on the day of the move for an extra cost. We usually arrive to do your move in 26’ truck or smaller. Planning to make sure that there is adequate space for our truck to park well also make moving day less of a headache. Other than that, the best way to be prepared for us to provide our service is sit back, relax and have a warm cup of cocoa.

There is no additional fee for the stop itself as local moves are done on a hourly rate, however long it takes us to make that additional stop that is what you will be paying for.